LUCKY CLOUD is a Vermont-based pop-up bookstore with a focus on QUEER/TRANS & BIPOC writers & BOOKS IN TRANSLATION, highlighting titles from SMALL PRESSES. We carry fiction, non-fiction & poetry - new and used! 

Why a Pop-Up Bookstore?

With the hopes of one day having a brick-and-mortar store, a pop-up bookstore is a way to test the waters and see how the Vermont community responds to a store with a highly-curated selection of books. It is also a way to travel throughout the state and reach a wider audience, interact with different communities, and have less overhead financially which makes it possible to begin a project more easily and hopefully allow for Lucky Cloud to thrive and grow into a more permanent establishment. 


Bring LUCKY CLOUD to a spot near you! The store is available to sell books inside and outside, and can be set up in a range of locations. We would love to bring a diverse selection of books to schools, community centers, coffee shops and restaurants, book festivals, outdoor markets ... anywhere really! Contact me and we can arrange a time and space.

Currently (as of September 2021), the physical store is still in the works but I'd still love to hear from you and I hope to be up and running soon. 


You can order almost any book and browse an extensive collection of recommendations through my store on Bookshop is a fabulous alternative to the online behemoth who shall not be named, and they regularly give back to independent bookstores around the country, and are slowly expanding to support independent bookstores around the world. All titles can be shipped directly to you and are regularly 10% off the cover price.





Coming soon! Are you a Vermont artist? I'd love to carry your work - cards, prints, stickers, patches ... anything small and portable! 

Email if you're interested.

Because every bookstore needs a mascot


Thank you for checking out LUCKY CLOUD! This is a work in progress but I hope to keep growing and meeting the interests of the Vermont community and all book-lovers. Contact me with ideas, inspirations, book recommendations, interest in providing a pop-up space, or just to say hello! Follow me on instagram for store updates and to check out my latest recommendations, and maybe an occasional dog photo. Happy reading.