Hi, I'm Tyler Orion Glauz-Todrank. I've been a bookseller for about 20 years and have worked in six bookstores from California to Vermont. I'm a queer and trans writer, photographer and obsessive reader. Having worked in many bookstores, I decided to start my own store specific to the books I am most passionate about with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized voices. Some of my writing can be found here: Brevity, GASHER, The Offing, and Isele. 

Why the Name LUCKY CLOUD?

Because there is already a bookstore named after James Baldwin. And because Arthur Russell, who wrote a song called Lucky Cloud, is a favorite musician of mine, a bit of an odd duck, and an obsessive composer and recorder of his music much the way I am obsessive about books. Russell recorded his songs over and over trying to get them right, and when he died from AIDS in 1992 he left behind hundreds of tapes leaving a legacy of his journeys through music. He was classically trained on the cello and he brought that background into his recorded music which broke down all borders of genre, much the way I love books that defy genre. I also have a particular interest in artists/writers/musicians who were queer and died from AIDS. While a few have a legacy that will live on, I'm sure there were many others who passed before their efforts were recognized. 

And, because I love clouds. Maybe somewhere there is a lucky one. 

LUCKY CLOUD is dedicated to all of the queer creatives who died from AIDS; to the countless trans & BIPOC people who have been killed on this colonized land; & to all Indigenous Peoples. May we consciously grow to walk peacefully in collective harmony on this Earth. Reading can be a beginning to this journey, but it is never an end.