Small presses often get lost in the shuffle of the "Big 5" (soon to be the "Big 4") publishing houses like Penguin Random House. While these publishers produce many books that I love, LUCKY CLOUD wants to uplift and highlight the small presses that are doing incredible work to bring us books from queer/trans and BIPOC writers and books in translation. Often these publishers are more willing to support voices that defy genre and are playing with structure and point-of-view in a way that the larger publishing houses aren't willing to do because they want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Thus, some of the most exciting books are being published by small presses yet aren't reaching a wide audience and certainly aren't being found on bestseller lists. Here is a list of some favorite small presses, and I will keep updating it as I come across new ones. LUCKY CLOUD will be carrying works from these presses in our pop-up shop, but because we are small we can't carry everything! So if you like the selection at LUCKY CLOUD you can find more books by these presses on and through their websites. Thank you for supporting these small, independent businesses!


ARCHIPELAGO - Many translated books, they have a very beautiful and unique aesthetic

ARSENAL PULP - Many queer and BIPOC writers, published out of Canada

BIBLIOASIS - All genres, many translated, out of Canada

BLACK CAT - An imprint of Grove Atlantic, but must be mentioned (Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson!)

BLACK OCEAN - Publishes all genres and books in translation with an exquisite aesthetic

CATAPULT - Press and Literary Journal

CITY LIGHTS - All genres out of San Francisco, classically published the Beats

CHARCO PRESS - Out of the UK, this press focuses on books in translation from contemporary Latin American writers

COFFEE HOUSE PRESS - All genres out of Minneapolis (In the Distance by Hernan Diaz!)

COPPER CANYON - Poetry publisher out of Washington

COUNTERPOINT - Many translated books but many not, publishes all genres out of Berkeley 

DEEP VELLUM - A non-profit out of Texas with a bookstore 

EUROPA EDITIONS - Books from around the world, often translations

FSG - An imprint of a larger Publisher (Macmillan) but they publish some incredible titles so they can't be ignored

GRAYWOLF - Based in Minneapolis, publishes all genres often centered around social justice

GROVE ATLANTIC - A larger press than many of these, publishes all genres

MILKWEED - Based in Minneapolis, they often focus on books about nature in all genres

NEW  DIRECTIONS- Contemporary and Classics from around the world

NYRB - Many books in translation, NYRB aims to bring back into print books that have fallen out of print from around the world

OPEN LETTER - Books in translation

O/R - Books in translation

OTHER PRESS - Books in translation

PLUTO PRESS - Radical, political nonfiction 

RED HEN - Publishes all genres

RESTLESS BOOKS - Books in translation including an Immigrant Writing Prize

SARABANDE - Press out of Kentucky that publishes all genres

SOFT SKULL - Radical books of all genres that engage in art and culture

TIN HOUSE - Press out of Portland, OR that also has an incredible podcast and hosts writing retreats

TWO DOLLAR RADIO - Press and Bookstore in Columbus, OH

TWO LINES PRESS - Books in translation

UGLY DUCKLING PRESS - A non-profit that publishes poetry, books in translation, and experimental nonfiction

VERSO PRESS - Radical non-fiction